10 Applications of Technology in Our Life

Is there any part of your life that is still untouched by technology? Probably not, because the truth is that technology has become so entwined with our daily lives that imagining a life without it is virtually impossible. Whether it is keeping in touch with friends or family in different corners of the world or increasing productivity at the workplace, technology offers us with myriad applications to make our lives easier. Here are the 10 most striking applications of technology in our lives:

  1. Improved Communications: Technology has gifted us new innovations in communication like emails, social networking websites, video conferences etc. Such advanced communication resources have made it possible to complete projects at work much faster because these eliminate problems of distance or time.
  2. Home Entertainment: Earlier, entertainment was restricted to making memories through old-fashioned photos that one would hang on his wall; now it is possible to capture videos and share these in real time. The change from videotapes to the new DVDs and the emergence of LCD and 4K televisions offered viewers an experience different from anything that they had witnessed before. Whether it is smart televisions or Xbox units, consumers today are spoilt for choice.
  3. Improved Lifestyle: Even lifestyle and housing has been impacted by technology; almost everything that you use at home can be automated today. The automated bitcoin trading bots like bitcoin revolution makes the trading job very simple for traders; discover more about the app here. So, staring from security locks to cameras and lights, your home is far more secure than it used to be. You can access all these smart devices no matter where you are, as long as there is Internet connectivity. 
  4. Healthcare Industry: The biggest changes can be seen in the healthcare world where robots are ensuring that human errors during surgeries are minimized. Desktop apps and phone health apps, wearable fitness trackers, etc ensure that you can monitor your calories, heart rate, or blood glucose levels at all times. Doctors can use technology to transfer videos, emails and messages to consult their colleagues in any remote corner of the world to benefit patients residing in underdeveloped or rural areas.
  5. Workplace Productivity: Technology can make sure that you have access to many more resources in the workplace. This accessibility will save time and efforts, helping your business stop energy wastage. Businesses can cut down on unnecessary expenses and improve productivity.
  6. Education Improvement: Technology has a key role to play in improvement of education by offering access to useful learning resources to millions throughout the world via the Internet. Students can enroll for online courses and learn new skills through online video and audio tutorials. They can use gadgets like iPads for sharing presentations and lessons.
  7. Travel Convenience: Technology makes traveling easier; the invention of driverless vehicles and battery-powered cars has changed the way in which we travel. Booking flight or train tickets or making hotel reservations is now a walk in the park with thousands of apps at your fingertips.
  8. Retail: Online shopping is what most people like to do today and new technological advancements have continued to make shopping a better experience for shoppers.
  9. Agriculture: The use of high-tech gadgets and tools in the field of agriculture has made the work of farmers much easier and hassle-free. Whether it is harvesting or using farm machinery, introduction of new technological innovations has contributed significantly.
  10. Trading: Before online trading became the norm, making a trade would require people to go through a financial adviser or a service broker.  Now brokerages have developed several comission-free stock apps, and online platforms, which lets you invest from home in a simple click of a button.